Trauma Kits

We offer a range of trauma kits that contain items to help to deal with a situation involving severe bleeding.

Available in a range of packaging including boxes, bags, and pouches.

Our community public access bleed kits include WoundClot™ which is an easy-to-use haemostatic pad that can be placed over or folded and placed into a wound.

Lifesaver Kit with Tourni-Key, CellAED®, WoundClot™ and Bleed Kit

The Lifesaver Kit: The Ultimate All-In-One Emergency Solution

Now you can have everything you need to handle an emergency in one place. Our Lifesaver Kit comes fully equipped with a defibrillator, haemostatic dressings, and a Tourni-Key, providing a comprehensive response solution to any emergency.

Personal Bleed Kit in Belt Pouch

Our kit, easily wearable on your belt, is crafted from robust materials, ensuring durability and immediate accessibility. Inside, you’ll discover a meticulously arranged selection of life-saving tools. The kit includes a Tourni-Key and a WoundClot™ haemostatic dressing, both critical in controlling bleeding and extending the window for professional medical intervention.

Also available in black and green and bespoke colours and personalised to order, subject to a minimum order.

Community Public Access Bleed Kit

This community public access bleed kit comes with the essentials to treat a catastrophic or any bleed. The kit includes gloves for personal protection and shears to cut away clothing. The tourniquet is for catastrophic bleeds to limbs and the trauma dressing can be used on any bleed.

Also included are two packs of Woundclot™ which is a revolutionary haemostat dressing that clots blood fast and is easy to use even for the untrained user.