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Welcome to ProTrainings' Catastrophic Bleed Kit Course

Learn the essentials of handling catastrophic bleeding emergencies with our comprehensive online course.

Course Overview

This course offers a flexible learning experience through:

  • Interactive video lessons accessible on any device.
  • Knowledge review questions to reinforce learning.
  • A final test to assess your understanding.

Flexible and Accessible Learning

Features include:

  • Ability to pause, resume, and rewatch lessons.
  • Subtitles for enhanced comprehension (CC icon).
  • Additional support for incorrectly answered questions.

Certification and Resources

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A printable completion certificate with a QR code for validation.
  • Certified CPD statement and evidence-based learning statement.
  • Access to various resources and links for further learning.

Support and Company Solutions

ProTrainings offers:

  • Free company dashboards for managing staff training.
  • Weekly emails to update your skills and inform you of new videos.
  • Complete support throughout your training journey.

Additional Information

Contact us for more on our company solutions or if you need assistance:

  • Through email, phone, or our online chat facility.

First Aid Medical Products

In addition to training, we offer a wide range of first aid and medical products to complement your learning.


Thank you for choosing ProTrainings for your training needs. Enjoy your learning experience and good luck!