PAcT kits for Public Access

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Public Access Trauma Kit (PAcT) by CitizenAID

Developed by citizenAID, the Public Access Trauma Kit (PAcT) is designed for treating catastrophic bleeds in public places or workplaces, with two versions available:

  1. CitizenAID Tourni-Key version: Simple, easy-to-use tourniquet application
  2. Commercial tourniquet version: Features CAT tourniquets or other commercial tourniquets

PAcT Kit Components

PAcT kits contain everything needed to treat injuries and protect the responder:

  • Face masks, gloves, CPR face shields, and eye protection for personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Tourni-Keys or commercial tourniquets
  • Slings
  • CitizenAID Pocket Guide and app for guidance and instructions
  • Instruction leaflets
  • Pens for marking tourniquet application time
  • Scissors for cutting away clothing
  • Triangular bandages and trauma dressings

Storing and Customizing PAcT Kits

PAcT kits are available in plastic boxes or soft bags and can be customised with unique information, numbering, or logos. They can be stored on trolleys for easy access in large-scale emergencies.

More Information

For more information on PAcT kits, contact us or visit our website to purchase them directly.