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Catastrophic bleed boxes

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Catastrophic Bleed Box: Features and Usage

The catastrophic bleed box is designed similarly to an external AED box. This specific model is for internal use, equipped with a standard lock. There are also external versions available with locks that can be accessed using a code provided by emergency services or authorised personnel.

Types of Locks

This internal model features a standard lock, while external models can have a button-operated lock accessible via a digit code. In an emergency, the code can be entered to gain access to the bleed kit.

Design and Protection

The box is encased in a waterproof shell, ensuring that the contents remain dry and free from dust. The transparent window allows for easy visibility of the kit inside.

Contents Visibility

The window makes it easy to see the kits inside. Various sizes of kits can be stored in the box. The standard kit currently housed in this box is visible and easily accessible.

Clear and Bright Exterior

The exterior of the box is designed to be highly visible, making it easy to identify as a bleed control box.

Accessing the Kit

To access the kit, turn the handle to open the box. This design ensures that the kit can be quickly and easily retrieved in an emergency.

Sealing Mechanism

A yellow seal around the outside provides a watertight barrier, ensuring the contents remain protected. The ample interior space can accommodate larger or multi-use kits.

Contents of the Standard Kit

The standard kit includes:

  • Trauma dressings
  • Celox
  • Rapid Stop tourniquet
  • Foil blankets
  • Shears
  • Additional items for controlling catastrophic bleeds

Reporting Kit Usage

After using the kit, it is essential to report its use to the managing personnel. Their contact details are usually found inside or outside the box. This ensures the kit is restocked promptly.

In summary, the catastrophic bleed box is a critical tool for emergency situations. Its design and features ensure it is easily accessible and visible, providing essential supplies for managing severe bleeding effectively.