Tourniquets, Haemostatic Dressings and using BSi Critical Injury Kits

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Code Red tourniquet

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Code Red Tourniquet

A Wider Strap and Quick-Release Buckle

Like many tourniquets, the Code Red Tourniquet features a wide strap and a quick-release buckle for easy application and removal. However, it also introduces a couple of interesting design elements which offer added advantages.

Enhanced Design for Easier Use

The area allocated for writing on the tourniquet is significantly larger than many alternatives, allowing for clearer and easier documentation. The device's top piece is not the standard plastic but a more durable metal. Moreover, the space between the two prongs is wider, making it easier to secure the windlass.

How to Apply the Code Red Tourniquet

Applying this tourniquet is straightforward. It can be pre-set, put over an arm or leg, and then tightened using the windlass. The convenient button on the side helps to remove slack, ensuring a snug fit.

The tourniquet can also be released and reapplied if necessary. The button helps with this process, making it simpler to adjust the fit when needed. Once applied, the time should be written on the tourniquet.

Inclusive of Essential Tools

One feature that sets the Code Red Tourniquet apart from the crowd is the inclusion of a pen in the pack. It's always recommended to note the time the tourniquet was applied, and having a pen included in the pack ensures that this essential detail is never overlooked.

In Conclusion

While the Code Red Tourniquet operates similarly to other tourniquets, it brings a few beneficial features to the table. Its enhanced design and inclusive pack make it an excellent option for first responders and anyone seeking a reliable, easy-to-use tourniquet.