Tourniquets, Haemostatic Dressings and using BSi Critical Injury Kits

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Trauma Dressings

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Guide to Using Advanced First Aid Dressings

This guide provides an overview of advanced first aid dressings designed for serious injuries such as bomb blasts, amputations, and severe bleeds. Learn how to effectively use these dressings, alongside haemostatic agents and tourniquets, to manage catastrophic bleeding.

Understanding Advanced Dressings

Advanced dressings, including medium dressings measuring 15 cm x 15 cm, are engineered to cover larger wounds and absorb significant amounts of blood, making them essential for treating serious injuries.

Selection and Application

When choosing a dressing, consider the injury's location and the need for additional bleeding control methods. This section explores various advanced dressings and their applications.

Shrink-Wrapped Sterile Dressings

These dressings come in airtight, sterile packaging to ensure safety and cleanliness. They are ideal for large wounds due to their absorbency and size.

Applying Pressure with Stretchable Dressings

Stretchable dressings allow for significant pressure application, useful in scenarios with multiple casualties. However, it's crucial to monitor for continuous bleeding, as these dressings can absorb a lot of blood without stopping the bleed.

Large Pad Dressings for Abdominal Wounds

Specially designed for abdominal injuries, these dressings feature a large pad and are used to cover extensive areas without applying excessive pressure.

Military Field Dressings

Equipped with a large pad and a stretchable bandage, military field dressings are perfect for applying pressure to wounds, without acting as a tourniquet.

Ambulance Dressings

Similar to standard first aid dressings but with larger pads, ambulance dressings are suited for large wounds, providing necessary pressure through the bandaging wheel.

Blast Bandages

Designed for amputations and severe injuries, blast bandages come with clear instructions and a stretchable bandage for effective pressure application and bleeding control.

Choosing the Right Dressing

Evaluate the injury's severity, location, and your available resources to select the most appropriate advanced dressing. Each type offers unique benefits for specific situations.