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Celox A

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Utilizing Celox A Applicator: Effective Wound Treatment


Celox A, where 'A' signifies an applicator, functions as a syringe-like device for precise Celox granule application directly into wounds.

Applicator Features

The Celox A unit contains detailed instructions and expiry date information. It's equipped with a plunger mechanism to administer Celox granules efficiently.


To access the applicator, tear or cut along the top of the packet, ensuring gloves are worn for safety.

Application Process

Utilizing the Celox A applicator involves careful steps to ensure effective wound treatment.

Component Assembly

Remove the cap from the top and the blue cap from the bottom to prepare the applicator for use.

Plunger Installation

Insert the plunger into the applicator, ensuring a secure fit for proper functionality.

Wound Treatment

Locate the wound site, and with gloved hands, insert the applicator deep into the wound to apply Celox granules directly at the base.

Granule Application

Apply pressure on the plunger while slowly withdrawing the applicator to distribute the granules evenly within the wound.


Apply steady pressure to prevent granule spillage and ensure thorough wound coverage.

Pressure Application

After granule application, apply direct pressure to the wound for three minutes to control bleeding.

Assessment and Further Treatment

Check for bleeding cessation. If bleeding persists, continue applying pressure for an additional three minutes.

Post-Treatment Care

Once bleeding is controlled, apply a standard pressure dressing. Ensure the Celox A packet wrapper is included within the bandage for hospital reference.

Learning Outcomes:
  • IPOSi Unit three LO3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4