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We are now going to talk about a citizenAID Pocket Guide. Now, this is a pocket guide to give you information on what to do if there is a terrorist attack, a knifer out there going injuring people or an active shooter. The guide has been produced by citizenAID. CitizenAID are a charity that dedicate themselves to training and educating people in what to do if they were in a situation of a terrorist instant or where something very, very bad has gone wrong and the general public have to deal with it. So this guide is very, very easy to follow and it's pretty cheap. This is just a pound plus VAT for the card. So what you have got on here are some clear indications, and it's in two sides, so it's easy to follow and it expands out. So there are two sides to it. So on this side, it goes through the different areas, so to start with, we have got the preparation, and then we have got unattended items, so this would be if you have seen a bag which potentially could be a bomb, suspicious items. It talks about knife attackers, active shooters, also, where someone is using a vehicle as a weapon, so they are driving a vehicle through a shopping centre, for example, explosion, and also it goes through treatment, so it's quite simple to follow, so each of those sections, it's on there, it's all colour-coded.

And as you go through it, it gives you all the key information you need. It also gives you help using the SLIDE acronym, which tells you exactly what to... Information to pass over to the emergency medical services. On the other side of it, it goes through the treatment you would like to need, so looking at stopping bleeding, how to use tourniquets and the Tourni-Key, which is another product created by citizenAID. And it goes through thermal burns, acid burns because acid attack is something that happens as well and it also looks at hand over to the emergency medical services, so what information the emergency medical services are going to need. So this little guide is ideal. It is perfect for putting into first aid kits, critical injury kits or catastrophic bleeding kits, it's good to have in your workplace, in your car, anywhere that you just may possibly need to refer to it. Now, it's good if something happened, but it's even better if you study this card before you need it, so you can learn from it. What you can also do, this... All this information in this card is also on an app that you can download free from the App Store. All the same types of information are on there. The app stores the data on your phone, so even in the event of a terrorist accident or instant where the mobile phones get cut off, you can still access the data.

So if there is something like that and you are hiding away from a threat, obviously turn your phone on silent, you do not want it to make any noise, but you can access the information there as well. But again, download the app onto your phone. Just go to citizenAID on the App Store and you can download it. And then from there, you can start to get. So have a look at it every now and again, leave it in a quite prominent place on your home screen on your phone, have a look and you can learn what to do. If you are interested in getting hold of one of these cards, you can buy them from citizenAID, or you can buy directly from us you can go on to our website, Firstaidonline.co.uk, you can email us on supplies@protrainings.uk or give us a ring and we can give you more information about these cards, the tourniquet that citizenAID provide, or any other item of the first aid equipment.