Tourniquets, Haemostatic Dressings and using BSi Critical Injury Kits

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Public access bleed control kit

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We are now going to look at this public access bleed control kit. Now, this kit here is a ProTraining's kit, but also it's been developed with a for-charity project, who are a knife crime charity. Now, the idea of these kits is they are placed in prominent locations in vehicles, anywhere there is possibly going to be a knife attack, a terrorist incident, or any instance where catastrophic bleeding could occur. So these kits are being put into shops, restaurants, pubs, railway stations, and also in the external bleed control kits or in with the AED units so they are accessible to the general public. That said, the contents of this kit are absolutely ideal for any other location. You could use them in the workplace. If you are doing outdoor pursuits and you need something that has got a lot of equipment in it in a small pouch, so things like forestry, stuff like that. This kit will work.

So the kit itself is in the bag. It is red so it is very obvious to see and when you then open it up, there is two key sides to it. On one side, we have got pairs of gloves so that they are easy to access. You literally just get the gloves and pull those out. And also very easy to access, is this. It is a citizenAID pocket card and what this does is it very easily and quickly, in picture format, tells you what to do with different types of emergency you are likely to come across. So down here, you can see all the different areas of where it covers. So these would cover things like knife attacks, gun attacks, chemical attacks, or something where someone is using a car as a weapon. So what you can do is look very easily along here, the different areas, and also the treatment that you are likely to have to do for that person. So that card is very easy to access. CitizenAID also has an app that you can use, as well, instead of the card, or as well as the card.

So on this side, we have got trauma dressings. There are two of those dressings on there and on this side here, we got a few different products. One is some Celox gauze and this is used for packing a wound in case of catastrophic bleeding. It is a hemostatic dressing so it reacts with the blood to block the hole up. We have also got a resuscitation aid so if we did have to do resuscitation, you have a face shield to put over the patient. We have a rapid stop tourniquet. Now, this is a very, very easy-to-use commercial tourniquet. You pop it around the limb, it is very fast to put on, and rather than some tourniquets that you have to physically turn the windlass to tighten them, this has just got a literal lever action, and you lift it up and it will ratchet it on. An extremely fast and easy and effective way of putting a tourniquet on.

We have a seal in there just so that you can seal the bag shut. It says "tamper-proof seal" so if someone has broken the seal, then you know you need to check the contents. There is also some shears so you can cut away clothing. There is a marker and the marker is there so you can note the time that a tourniquet has been applied, or hemostatic agent has been applied, and you can write on the patient or write those notes somewhere. And finally, in here, there is a silver foil blanket because it is really important in the case of a catastrophic bleed to maintain the patient's temperature because if the temperature starts dropping, then that can affect the body's ability to actually heal.

If you are interested in any more information about these kits, or you want to place them in your community, then contact us at Also, you can see these products on our website which is